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For months, Start Elevator has tried to defeat the union by engaging in behavior we believe to be against the law. Start Elevator has been repeatedly charged with violating Federal labor laws with unfair labor practices allegedly including:

  • Jack O’Shea threatening employees with losing their jobs if they support the union in September, 2021

  • Sending supervisors to spy on union meetings at Local One’s union hall in October, 2021

  • Threatening changes to workers’ benefits in order to discourage them from supporting the union in November, 2021

  • Assigning workers who supported the union to worse jobs in November, 2021

  • Interrogating workers about their union activities and making workers believe their union activities were being spied on in December, 2021

Local One created the complaint form below as a safe place for you to share with us what’s been happening to workers at Start Elevator – essentially, any behavior or action that you believe could potentially be considered a violation of workers’ right to join a union. These violations are very serious, and we will investigate any that you send our way. We will also be discreet as we investigate each claim.

You can also use this form to report safety issues. Example: No/improper PPE, no safety training, being instructed to work in unsafe conditions, etc.  Always remember safety is your responsibility. 

Confidential Complaint Form

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