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Frequently Asked Questions

“I know my craft. I work hard and earn a good paycheck. Will the union force me to undergo complicated trainings and pass new tests?”
The short answer is NO. Though, if you are interested in expanding your skillset and taking on new challenges, our union has the tools and resources needed to empower you for career growth. For example, you will have access to the IUEC’s world-class apprenticeship training program and continuing education opportunities.
“How much are union dues?”
Approximately $45/week.
“If I’m new to the union, will I be treated with respect? Will my voice matter?”
As a card-carrying IUEC member, you will have full and equal membership rights and privileges, including an international card, travel rights, and employment rights. You will also be encouraged to attend union meetings and have the opportunity to select an individual from within your own ranks to represent you as your shop steward.
“Will my seniority be transferred over?”
Local One will honor your industry start date.

“Will I have the same rights and privileges as a current IUEC Local One member?”
Absolutely. You, just like current Local One Elevator Constructors, will have full and equal rights.

“What is the current wage of an IUEC Local One member?”

Under Local One’s current industrywide collective bargaining agreements, Local One members earn:
Service Mechanic: $56.77
First-Year Apprentice: $32.27
Second-Year Apprentice: $31.22
Third-Year Apprentice: $36.90
Fourth-Year Apprentice: $42.58

**An IUEC Local One member's fringe benefits, health, pension, and annuity are roughly $30/hour.**

“I've worked for Start Elevator under Jack O'Shea for most of my career. Will my joining the union hurt him or his business in any way?”
Our union has reached out to Mr. O'Shea several times, as we would like to make him aware of grant programs that could help his business continue to thrive. By becoming a partner of the union, Mr. O'Shea could have direct access to grants that, for companies similar in size to Start Elevator, have been worth millions of dollars. As a partner of the union, Start Elevator could also be able to bid on new types of jobs and have the opportunity to grow its client list.

"Does my immigration status affect my ability to join a union?"
You can join the Union regardless of your immigration status.

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